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Marilyn Crawford

Marilyn Crawford

Licensed Professional Counselor, EMDR Therapist, IFS Therapist
In Person and Telehealth


Marilyn Crawford is a fervent believer in the power of therapy to lead individuals towards a brighter, more fulfilling life. This belief was born from her own transformative journey with a therapist, where she discovered that one does not have to be confined to a life of misery. With determination and a career shift from web design to therapy, Marilyn embarked on this path fifteen years ago — a decision she considers a minor miracle.

In her trajectory, fate intertwined her journey with Teresa Brown’s vision for the Attachment and Trauma Center. Invited to join, Marilyn embraced the opportunity wholeheartedly. She delved into extensive training in trauma therapies, emerging as a seasoned trauma therapist proficient in EMDR therapy, Internal Family Systems therapy, Brainspotting, and Cognitive Behavior therapy.

Marilyn’s clientele predominantly consists of adults who have weathered childhood traumas, ranging from emotional and physical abuse to sexual assault. Often, mood disorders and anxiety are companions to these deeply rooted scars. When asked why she is drawn to this work, Marilyn’s response is simple yet profound: she has witnessed the transformative power of guiding individuals through their emotional landscapes and memories of adversity.

On a personal note, Marilyn’s aspiration is to relish the present and eagerly anticipate the future. Laughter and joy are her compass, though she acknowledges that combating negative thoughts demands conscious effort. She firmly believes in the abundance of coping mechanisms for anxiety and depression, emphasizing the importance of discovering what resonates with each individual and practicing it diligently.

Ultimately, Marilyn is driven by a desire to help individuals navigate their inner landscapes, heal past wounds, and cultivate healthier relationships with themselves, others, and their surroundings. Her dedication and passion shine through in every aspect of her work, as she wholeheartedly embraces the opportunity to be a beacon of support for those in need.