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Janella Gee

Janella Gee

Registered Play Therapist, EMDR Therapist, IFS Therapist
In Person and Telehealth


Janella del Mundo Gee, M.Ed, LPC, RPT, is a seasoned Licensed Professional Counselor and a dedicated Registered Play Therapist. Her educational journey led her through the University of Texas at Austin, earning both Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts Degrees, and culminating in a Masters of Education in Counseling Education from the University of St. Thomas.

Janella’s professional path took her through Corporate Community Relations, where she spearheaded the Corporate Volunteer Program and worked closely with Diversity Groups. It was through her volunteer endeavors that she discovered her profound affinity for working with children. This revelation prompted her return to graduate school, where she delved deep into the realm of play therapy. For two years, she immersed herself in the University of North Texas’ summer institute, acquiring a diverse repertoire of play therapy methodologies. Since 2011, she has been an ardent advocate and practitioner in the field of Play Therapy.

With an unwavering belief in play as a child’s primary mode of communication, Janella utilizes an eclectic approach in her practice. She initiates sessions with a non-directive, child-centered play therapy approach, allowing her to observe and understand each child’s unique play patterns. From there, she tailors her modalities to suit the individual needs of the child. Janella is proficient in Child-Centered Play Therapy, EMDR, LENS Neurofeedback, Theraplay, and Internal Family Systems, and is currently undergoing training in Integrative Attachment and Trauma Protocol.

In her work with parents, Janella emphasizes collaboration to meet the needs of both the child and the family as a whole. She maintains an open channel of communication, welcoming emails and quick chats between sessions for important updates. Oftentimes, she guides parents in strategies to foster attachment with their own children.

Throughout her career, Janella has worked with children in various settings, including individual sessions, dyads, and small groups. She has facilitated parent-child and sibling therapy, finding particular fulfillment in working with young children and neurodiverse populations. Her passion for play therapy is palpable, rooted in her deep understanding of how children navigate and express themselves through play. Janella remains dedicated to ongoing education in play therapy, attending conferences, trainings, and staying abreast of the latest research. She is also an active member of the Association for Play Therapy.

Outside of her professional life, Janella cherishes quality time with her family. She is a proud parent to one high schooler, as well as twins currently navigating their way through middle school. Many mothers of multiples seek a therapist who not only possesses professional expertise but also shares a personal understanding of the intricacies of a multiple pregnancy. Janella’s deep empathy and firsthand knowledge in this regard allow her to provide invaluable support and guidance to families who may be navigating similar experiences. This shared connection fosters a sense of trust and understanding, creating a therapeutic environment where clients can feel truly seen and supported.