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About Attachment & Trauma Center of Houston

As a mental health clinic and neuroscience training center, our therapists provide a range of experience and levels of training. All therapists are trained in leading edge trauma focused evidence-based therapy modalities that utilize the healing properties of the brain. We believe in the power of healing relationships and families. 


The Attachment & Trauma Center of Houston was born from a deeply personal journey. It began with Cameron, a young soul who battled anxiety and depression, ultimately succumbing to the weight of his struggles. His story unraveled from a tender age, a path we navigated together, seeking understanding and healing.

Through years of therapy and medication, we grappled with a truth that eluded us. It was the discovery of intergenerational attachment wounds and hidden traumas, woven into Cameron’s very being, that unveiled the root cause of his pain. This revelation sparked a mission within us, a calling to illuminate this path for others.

Our mission is rooted in education, a fervent belief that knowledge is the beacon of change. We strive to unravel the mysteries of insecure attachment, a silent force that shapes every relationship. There is no blame here, only a legacy of love handed down through generations, shaped by what was known at the time — “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

At the heart of it lies a simple, profound truth: every human, from their earliest breath, craves to be “seen, heard, and valued.” It is the crucible from which genuine, authentic souls emerge. Our purpose is to share this wisdom, to forge connections within families, ripple through communities, until this truth becomes an indelible part of our collective understanding.

We envision a world where the nurturing of secure attachments is a shared responsibility, a communal embrace that fortifies the very fabric of our existence. Together, we shall build villages rooted in empathy, compassion, and authentic connection—unwavering support for every individual’s journey towards wholeness.