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What is Theraplay?

Theraplay® provides techniques for children and families to create relationships that are based on nurturing and trust. The joy that play brings to children is also brought into the parent child relationship.

Play Therapy

How Theraplay helps

Theraplay® focuses on four central parent/child connection areas: nurture, structure, engagement, and challenge. Attachment and trust between parent and child are built through activities that encourage a secure bond for the child with the caregiver. Through play children are able to build self-esteem, trust, become more regulated, and connect with others in a meaningful and authentic way. Healing from trauma can be healed with techniques that are used allowing children and their families to reconnect with a safe and secure attachment. Theraplay can be especially beneficial for foster/adopt families.


Theraplay is appropriate for children of all ages, including babies. It can also be beneficial for teenagers when combined with other techniques.

Parents and caregivers are eventually able to use these techniques with the child at home continuing to build a connected relationship with their child.

Theraplay has been used since 1975 in 36 countries and is a research based therapeutic modality for all ages, including babies.

A child begins to view themselves as lovable and deserving of relationships with others as a result of the enjoyable social connection experienced with Theraplay.

Additional Information

More information about Theraplay and The Theraplay Institute are available at: