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Blended Families Counseling

Blended families have the same challenges as any other family… and then some. Mom and dad, working together and respectfully supporting one another, always makes for smoother parenting. In blended families however, we sometimes have two or more sets of parents trying to cooperate and “be on the same page”.


Communication and discipline styles, expectations for the children, parenting time, value systems, and lifestyles choices often become points of contention. The scenarios are as diverse and unique as we are as people. Respect and trust are essential if there is to be harmony in the parenting, co-parenting, and step-parenting effort. These two precious commodities, however, are often sorely lacking, as the disappointment and distrust that fueled the divorce(s) often spill over into the new family units.

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We Can Help With Blended Families

Parents in blended families need to learn how to express their concerns, both with their new partner and their ex-spouse, in constructive, respectful ways, so as to strengthen trust and cooperation, and avoid more divisiveness. They need to learn how to “choose their battles” and decide whether the emotional fall-out from pursuing a conflict is worth the gains they hope to achieve.